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In which I pretend to be a PM for an app called RemoteBase that helps you hire remote developers. I talk to Surbhi, an embedded systems Engineering Manager with experience managing remote developers. 

As a PM my objective is to help build products that are applicable for increasingly high frequency jobs so it can acquire newer users at lower cost and retain existing ones at higher value.

  • To understand jobs, I'm trying to understand how often the user faces a trigger to use the app. Is there a higher frequency behavior upstream it can be relevant for. Eg: WebRTC taking a bite from desktop apps since users are already in the browser. 

  • To understand acquisition, I'm trying to understand barriers to try and switch. 

  • To understand retention, I'm trying to understand how quickly s/he's deriving value. 

Takeaway: Barrier to try new vendors is high. Roadblocks to go back to existing vendors is high as well. 

Next steps:

  • Jobs: Surbhi mentioned projects needing to be "non-core and scoped out" before they can be handed off to an agency. Unclear but also unlikely that this is a high-frequency trigger. Worth clarifying. 

  • Acquisition

    • Become an 'approved vendor' with recruiters, hiring managers in as many orgs as quickly as possible

    • Demonstrate fast time to start on talent and legal dimensions (maybe VMS integration, ATS integration)

  • Retention

    • Be available in the user journey each time a project is scoped (eg: Loom <> Jira integration)

  • Follow-up meeting with Surbhi to bounce off ideas and prototypes that the team has brainstormed to go deeper into specific areas


Big thanks to Surbhi for joining me on the call. 

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