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About Me

I moved to the bay area in 2015 for my own venture (see it on the wayback machine). Discovered how hard finding product market fit is. Despite reaching milestones; 6 figure revenue, investors, team, press, front page finishes on ProductHunt, and logos like Porsche, Siemens, Budweiser, Heineken, Crocs, Verizon, AvisBudget, it never led to unexpected demand. 

Since that time, I've been a Growth PM (as Elad Gil defines it) at 2 startups in the $1M- $10M stage and 2 startups in the $10M- $100M stage.

My small claim to fame is they've all reached some notable milestone (revenue, funding, M&A). 

My word cloud: High frequency jobs to be done, aligning on the main thing, problem solving, creative insertion, talking to users, voice of customer, prototyping, funnel optimization, product adoption, usage, NRR (churn, retention), LTV/CAC modeling, conversion, writing, visualizing, roadmapping, marketing analytics (GA4), product analytics (Amplitude/ Heap/ Mixpanel), CDP (Segment, mParticle), experimentation (Optimizely, LaunchDarkly, Statsig).

When not at work: tennis, triathlons, food, family, curb your enthusiasm.


Finding product market fit is a lonely process. The team is just you and maybe a cofounder. No one knows you exist. You build, ship, read data and build again. Later on, finding growth isn't easy either. Competitors have now appeared and are calling on your customers. 

  • Reading lets you spend hours with people you otherwise can't get that time with.

  • -Regret minimization is a valuable decision making framework.

  • East Coast : West Coast :: Work to Live : Live to Work.

  • Raise your heart rate for a few minutes every day, preferably outdoors.

  • Outsource busy work. The panic of idle time will give way to calm and utility.

  • Attributing success to luck, and failure to skill keeps you searching.

Reading list

High growth handbook- How high performing organizations are operated

Mindhunter- How the FBI built the behavioral analysis unit

When breath becomes air- Build long term assets even when you have little time left

The everything store- Jeff Bezos finding product market fit and then finding growth for Amazon

Shoe dog- How Phil Knight built Nike

Creativity Inc- How Catmull, Lassiter and Jobs built Pixar

Bad blood- How Elizabeth Holmes built and destroyed Theranos

Masters of doom- How Carmack and Romero built Doom and Quake

The hard thing about hard things- How Ben Horowitz built Opsware (Loudcloud)

Zero to one- How to build things and create value

The billionaire and the mechanic: How a great sailing team was built

Blitzscaling- How to inject hypergrowth

Essays by Paul Graham- How to start a startup

Pmarca blog archives- How market (or lack of) is the most important thing

Ben's blog- How a company is the sum of people, product and process

Masters of scale- Entrepreneurs tell Reid Hoffman how they scaled their companies

This week in startups- Entrepreneurs tell Jason Calacanis stories from the trenches

a16z podcast- Insights from Andreessen Horowitz's ventures and partners

How to b2b a CEO- How to scale a startup from founder to full stack CEO

Y Combinator's podcast- How to build early products that people love and don't yet scale

Other reading

My entire reading list is here. I like books on finance like Business Adventures, philosophy like Art of War, human condition like End of power and am getting into more scifi like Snowcrash.

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