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Japan has been an enigma because of it’s Galápagosization. Visiting has been high on the list.

We were raised on their “just works” home electronics and strange home entertainment (Oshin, Giant Robot, Kimba). In our dining room showcase was a Geisha doll and sensu folding fan.

But I was as unfamiliar with it’s people as I was familiar with their products. Who were these prolific builders.

We finally went… and I got a little dose of the overview effect. Isolated, intense, intelligent and incorruptible. The world can never be as safe, polite and clean as Japan. But if we could be, it’ll be an incredible place.

But it appears as if those are symptoms of an identity inextricably embedded in obedience that’s causing serious issues. Among the list of issues Japan needs to tackle, they should use less plastic, and make fresh foods inexpensive and accessible. It’s a food desert by an Indian or American definition.

I'll move this photolog from Google Docs to here at some point.

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