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Tactical investor blogs

VC blogs are useful because they see private data across multiple companies. This lets them average everything out and give us tips (like PG's equity equation), tools (like YC's SAFE), playbooks (like Sequoia's recruiting tool) and rules of thumb (like Scale VP's 82% metric on saas revenue growth persistence).

Of course not all blogs are equal. Some serve up cafe inspiration, while others fire situation room tactics. I started to maintain a list of the latter group because they're useful in pressure situations only if they're a click away.

This is the list of the top 100 investors in SF bay area saas/b2b ventures by volume (Crunchbase), and their blogs, if those blogs also have search functionality. Blogs that can't deliver at Google speed and specificity just aren't useful when you're looking for specific playbooks.

I started to build out a search bar for the 100 investors above when I discovered First Search. This is First Round Capital's search tool that brings multiple investor blogs into one search bar. They don't have a complete list of their data sources, but its vast, fast and useful if you're source agnostic.

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